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Bulletproof Cashflow

Agostino Pintus

A go-getting attitude, plus a great team of credible people is Agostino’s secret to success. Agostino is a multi-family investor, entrepreneur and public speaker with more than 15 years of experience. He’s also the host of the Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast. In this episode, Agostino talks about how having a great team behind you is the key to scoring bigtime in the real estate business, the different players on the team, and how building trust with your team members in a relationship-based business is essential.

Important Points in This Episode

  • How Agostino started in the real estate business, getting cashflow, and supplementing his executive income
  • Agostino talks about his podcast, the Bulletproof Cashflow, and how it is different from other podcasts
  • Areas of the country where Agostino tend to operate for his real estate syndications
  • Unique situations of buying properties in Cleveland and what situations to avoid or stay out of
  • Tips on getting to know the market: finding a team or building one?
  • Importance of finding a good property manager, and why having a credible property manager is key to a successful business turnaround
  • Why picking the right people to do the job is beneficial
  • Building a business that is relationship-based
  • Recommendations and advice on the best way on building a successful team
  • How to distinguish one lender from another
  • How having a great team behind Agostino helped him acquire big deals
  • Best part about being a real estate syndicator and the ideal partner or client
  • Mistakes made and lessons learned



  • “In order for someone to raise capital, to get that broker, to give them that deal, they have to be credible. If they’re not credible, they will never get that deal, they’ll never raise that money, and if that happens, you’ll lose all hope and you’ll just abandon the whole project altogether.”
  • “For those of you listening that might be on the fence, I’m telling you right now, this business has saved my life, I’ll tell you that.”
  • “There are certain cities that are far worse than others, so I just stay out of them.”
  • “The first person you need to really build a relationship with is a property manager; a good property manager; not some shmuck that just started representing properties two weeks ago.”
  • “When you’re in that market, you’re in the market, you have to know who the players are, what the deals are, what’s trading, what’s not trading.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to spend money, it’s all a relationship game.”
  • “Whenever you’re putting a team together, the team is a reflection of you.”
  • “Maybe you want to give them one more chance, but you never give them more than one. If somebody screws you up, get rid of them. That’s my rule, by the way.”
  • “We’re only here on this planet for a certain amount of time. We have to make the most out of it. We must make the most of it.”