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Mindset and Motivation with Valkere Investment Group

Ashton Levarek

He prides himself as a veteran and a family man. Ashton Levarek has a family-operated investment firm named Valkere Investment Group. He is focused on building lasting partnership that creates passive income and tax-free wealth through multi-family estate. In this episode, Ashton talks about how he balances his career, his business, and his family. He also shares how businesses could connect with their target audiences.

Important points in this episode

  • Blocking out time and scheduling activities is important to balance family, career, and business.
  • Mindset comes down to being clear of what you want to be in terms of family, career, education, business, and others.
  • The multi-family investment is a relationship building business. Prospect and clients need to know you and trust you.
  • The first place to connecting is by creating a website and using various social media platforms to lead people back to your site.
  • Their goal this year is to build their brand – to become leaders of the market space.
  • Market yourself, build your brand, get yourself out there, and be educated on the niche part of the business start publishing.
  • Ashton’s ideal partner is his brother and their ideal clients are investors who are looking out to diversify their investments other than the stock market.


  • Check out Ashton Levarek’s LinkedIn account and connect.
  • Visit their official website here.
  • Michael Hyatt book’s Free to Focus: A Total Productivity System to Achieve More by Doing Less is available here.
  • Check out Joe Fairless’ book, _Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book _here.
  • Check out Ashton’s favorite book right now is Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal by Oren Klaff here.


  • “There’s a direct correlation between the clarity and the commitment and your success.” P
  • “A target dictates the steps you got to take.”