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Diversifying Your Investments with Avestor

Sanjay Vora

Simple and hassle free investing is one of the selling points of Avestor Inc. This concept is a brainchild of Sanjay Voja, one of the co-founders of Avestor, a new Portland, Oregon based firm that is focused on helping investors create custom real estate investment portfolios. Avestor helps investors diversify across property types, markets, and timeframe. Avestor is a company that is filling the niche in between technology and real estate, with an innovative business model and uses technology in order to enable it. In this episode, Sanjay talks about how his company helps newbie investors take the plunge into building real, long-term wealth, with the help of custom real estate portfolio.

Important Points in This Episode

  • What Avestor is and how it helps people who are looking to invest in real estate
  • Concept of building real estate portfolios and expanding investment portfolio into real estate
  • How Avestor works and who are the people that came together in order to bring Avestor into the market
  • A semi-detailed story on how Sanjay came up with the concept of Avestor
  • The timeframe that Sanjay took to build a fully diversified, real estate portfolio
  • How Avestor wanted to help investors diversify their market by helping them build a real estate portfolio
  • How to bring down the minimum investment that investors are required to have in order to get into the real estate deal
  • Steps on building a platform and bring the minimum investment down
  • Pain points for a typical investor about real estate investing
  • How Avestor simplifies the process of going through and understanding documents for each of the investments that an investor gets involved in
  • Avestor’s preference on deals in their platforms: US centered or international deals
  • Main sources where Avestor receive their deals from and where they find their debt instruments
  • What Avestor do in cases such as buying an equity or a debt instrument: resell all the slices or keep some
  • Asset classes in terms of real estate Avestor have in their platform
  • The best part of being a real estate investor, ideal partner or client in the business, learning from mistakes



  • “We founded the company on the idea on helping investors diversify beyond traditional equity market and getting into the real estate market.”
  • “From our perspective, what we’re looking to do is we’re looking to grow the amount of money that you’re investing on our platform. We can only do that if we select the deal and if those deals do well.”
  • “We’re gonna do what is best for our investor.”
  • “We’re excited; we think we found a niche in the market that’s really different than what other companies are doing. We’re really trying to help and we’re targeting a set of investors that are new into real estate that are hesitating getting into larger deals, but wanna take the plunge.”
  • “I truly find real estate the most interesting. You’re building real, long-term wealth, if I do it well, it will help me grow, and it will also help me pass it down to my kids as well, out of all the areas, I find it (real estate) the most interesting one.”
  • “Truly understanding who the sponsor is, understanding their expertise, as well as understanding what previous successes they’ve had, is important, from my perspective.”