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Syndication is a B*tch

Bruce Petersen

Today’s guest is a multifamily syndicator, an educator, and a best-selling author of Syndication is a B*tch. \Bruce Petersen is a _National Apartment Association’s Rental Owner of the Year_ in 2017 and the _Think Realty Multifamily Investor of the Year _in 2019. Bruce talked about his new book and his experiences in coaching a few individuals over the years about real estate. He also talked about his investments and his plans of branching out.

Important points in this episode

  • Real estate education is real and it can be learned if one has the right mental make-up.
  • Syndication is a complex process with lots of warts needed to be faced.
  • The biggest thing that many people don’t understand is the value of networking.
  • Due to the pandemic, most people are sitting on a lot of retained earnings.
  • Bruce typically looks for B and C stabilized assets.
  • Real estate impacts the lives of investors, staff and their families, and other people renting out apartment units.
  • Bruce’s ideal partner is somebody who is rational and reasonable.



  • “You’re buying a business; things will go wrong. You just got to get through them.”