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Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines invests in the Carolinas

Brian Briscoe

Brian Briscoe is the co-founder of Four Oaks Capital; a real estate invest firm. He is also the host of the _Diary of an Apartment Investor _podcast. In this episode, Brian talked about his humble beginnings in the real estate scene the best areas that an investor can invest in this time. He also talked about the lessons he learned in the early days of his real estate investing career.

Important points in this episode

  • Coaching and mentoring is an important part of the process to ensure having the right knowledge about multifamily investing.
  • Brian started his multifamily investing career with $250,000.
  • Commercial real estate is as volatile as the single-family home markets.
  • It takes more than 100 single-family homes if your goal is to have a passive income.
  • The areas in upstate South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina are some of the hottest real estate commodity today.
  • Despite the pandemic, collections remained strong in terms of monthly statements.
  • Brian’s ideal partners are dependable and packed with solid professional careers.



  • “I think I get to help people… whether it’s getting them better returns on their money in the stock market of helping them along their journey. That to me is the best thing…”