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Creative Financing in Kansas City

Alex Olson

Our guest scaled his portfolio from zero apartments to eleven units in eighteen months through creative financing. Without using a dime of his own, Alex Olson has set out to buy investment properties in some of the most sought-after areas in Kansas City. The show starts off with Alex sharing his background and how he acquired his first property. He then shares his strategies and tactics in scaling up to eleven properties. As a broker, his specialty is helping buyers that are looking to acquire cash-flowing properties in Kansas City. His success came with hard work, drive, and a desire to provide long-term wealth for his family.

Important Points in This Episode

  • Alex Olson’s background in real estate
  • Story of Alex’s first property acquisition and how location played a big role in this
  • Alex weighs in on the marketability of properties in Kansas and Missouri
  • Three things that attract investors to Kansas City
  • How Alex capitalized on the AirBnB market
  • Lease purchase option and option to purchase
  • Insights on personal loans
  • HELOC, seller financing, and personal loans
  • Deal flow in Kansas City in the midst of Covid-19



  • “Don’t get oversold on something but also don’t pass up a deal just because the number wasn’t exactly what you thought would be coming in.”