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Saving Money with Potty Talk

Kelly Stinson and Anselmo Torres III

Real estate investing and environmental advocacies are two different worlds; but our guests today get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Kelly Stinson and Anselmo Torres III are both passionate about water conservation in the multifamily space. Kelly is known in the real estate world as ‘The Potty Princess’; she can even be found in LinkedIn through #ThePottyPrincess. On the other hand, Anselmo’s background in water monitoring has been instrumental to sustainable solutions. Their company, SAS, is a nationwide provider focusing on water conservation by installing-high efficiency plumbing fixtures that can reduce water consumption and utility bills by around 30-60%. In this episode, they talk about how they add value to properties by actually reducing costs.

Important Points in This Episode

  • Insights into Kelly and Anselmo’s type of work
  • How location and water and sewer rates directly affect NOIs
  • Case study of reduced costs due to water conservation efforts
  • Why this is a great time to invest in a water conservation system
  • Efficiency and project turnaround time
  • Benefits of a water conservation system in a multifamily property
  • COVID-19 and how SAS adjusted their system
  • Their COVID-19 safety protocol that protects their residents, crews, and families
  • Their progress since the lifting of the ‘shelter-in-place’ orders
  • Their backgrounds and how they developed a passion for water conservation
  • Asset classes that are ideal for water conservation projects
  • Difference of implementation plans between sub-metered buildings and non-sub-metered buildings



  • “The great thing about this is that while we are able to reduce water consumption by 30-60%, the return back in reducing these bills is 20-40%. That’s a compelling story for any property out there.”
  • “One thing to keep in mind is that not all toilets are created equal.”