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Connect with Your Tenant through Archetypical Interior Design

Julia Lauve

When thinking of the real estate industry, one usually thinks of deals, contracts, property developments, and finance. Often overlooked are the design and branding aspects of a real estate syndication. Our guest today is the co-founder of Workshop Studio, a team of designers, storytellers, dreamers, and creators of strategic interior environments. They specialize in interior design for multifamily spaces. Discover how the market crash in 2008 and 2009 paved the way for Julia to reinvent herself from a business background into becoming a designer. After spending four years earning a degree in design, she finally was able to combine the concepts of business with design.

Important Points in This Episode

  • Julia’s pivot from business to design
  • Process of building a story narrative
  • How Maslow’s hierarchy of needs come into play when developing a property
  • Power of community
  • Marketing psychology as used in interior design
  • Archetypes and stereotypes
  • 12 general archetypes used in the branding community
  • Case study and situational examples
  • All about Workshop Studio and their role in property development



  • Get a competent designer involved in the process from the very beginning. It will make the process seamless.
  • This is a challenging time for everyone. Multifamily investors have an incredible opportunity to seize this as the opportunity to reinvent themselves or a property into something great and special.