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Building Community and Buying Multifamily in Seattle

Leka Devathas

Reinventing yourself time and time again never goes out of style. Leka Devatha’s metamorphosis from fashion merchandising to real estate investing has proven to be her most fulfilling way to create a legacy. Turning her back from a lucrative corporate job was never easy and involved difficult conversations with family and loved ones. Fast forward to today, she has already flipped over forty homes and continues to expand her focus to include land development, acquiring long-term rentals, and building adult family homes. From having zero knowledge about real estate, she continues to transform herself through experiences in fixing and flipping houses, apartment building and investing, increasing her real estate portfolio, and establishing a legacy through coaching and mentoring. Tune in to hear how she dominated the Seattle real estate market ever since moving from India thirteen years ago.

Important Points in This Episode

  • How Leka turned her back on her dream job in the corporate world
  • Challenges faced when transitioning from the corporate world to the real estate industry
  • Leka’s learning process when she had zero knowledge about real estate investments
  • Breakdown of numbers on Leka’s first project
  • Asset classes that Leka invests in
  • Leka’s plans on expanding her portfolio
  • Leka’s meet-up group and mentoring program
  • Fixing and flipping multifamily homes
  • How the future looks for Leka
  • -



  • “One thing that I’ve learned in this business is that anytime you can add equity, add it quickly.”