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Zero Security Deposits with LeaseLock

Derek Merrill

Our guest for today is on a mission to help the world find a home through an effortless process that eliminates security deposits, surety bonds, and guarantors in rental housing. As the CEO and co-founder of LeaseLock, Derek has combined his expertise and technology with the real estate industry. His company, LeaseLock, produces happy renters with their Zero Deposit product and a coverage of over 5k on every lease, eliminating confusion and friction at the leasing office and at the same time enhancing the asset performance for the property managers and owners. In this episode, discover LeaseLock’s marketing strategy, product strategy, business model, and the element that separates them from the rest.

Important Points in This Episode

  • Derek’s beginnings in the insurance industry
  • The genesis of LeaseLock
  • LeaseLock’s Zero deposit product
  • LeaseLock’s workflow and business process
  • Types of property deals that Derek and LeaseLock are involved in
  • The secret sauce of LeaseLock’s system
  • Coverage plans available at LeaseLock



  • The value we have is we power this really sophisticated financial instrument through this applying data science that’s overlaid in this integration in the backend through those property management software systems.
  • We’re on a mission to help the world find a home.