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Investing in the USA from Israel

Rafi Mizrahi

Buying and selling real estate properties is already a challenge in itself. But when the property is in a distant location, the challenges are double. Rafi Mizrahi, an Israeli who invests in the United States, has developed a skill set that overcomes distance. He has done over 300 transactions in single family homes and owns over 766 units, which is roughly equivalent to fifty million dollars in multifamily. From a career in IT as a developer, he made a big leap into real estate investment in 2010 and has since then established a track record good enough to start mentoring and teaching other investors.

Important Points in This Episode

  • Challenges Rafi had to overcome when he first started investing in the United States
  • His first property investment and what that taught him
  • His main process when qualifying a certain prospective location
  • The difference between investing in single family and investing in multifamily
  • Number of LOIs and verbal offers Rafi makes on average
  • Rafi’s style of managing the property
  • How Rafi started mentoring other people interested in real estate



  • “The more properties you are looking at, the more offers you make, the more chances you will get a deal because the brokers see that you are active.”
  • “In real estate, a deal can be good or bad, not only based on the numbers you buy on it, but on the execution as well.”
  • “Why do you want to invest in real estate? Once you have the why, nothing can stop you.”
  • “I fail every day, and I succeed every day. That’s how I look at my day. Every day is a lesson.”