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Dwellynn on Real Estate

Ola Dantis

In today’s show, we’ll hear how one phone call and one trip jumpstarted our guest’s career in real estate. Ola Dantis has only been in the United State for six years but has already founded Dwellyn, a multifamily investment syndication, and has successfully completed rehab projects in excess of 1 million dollars. But it wasn’t always easy for him. He shares a mistake he doesn’t want other investors to make and sheds light on how he overcame a bad first flip. Today, Ola continues to exceed investor returns, building upon his success on the real estate investing space.

Important Points in This Episode

  • Story of how a phone call and a trip to Dubai jumpstarted his career in real estate investing
  • Podcasts and books that Ola educated himself with
  • His shift from a comfortable lifestyle in an apartment to a living in the bottom floor of a duplex
  • Ola’s first investment
  • A bad flip that took his eyes off the ball that he doesn’t want others to make
  • How mentorship programs help you build your network
  • All about Dwellyn and its 160-apartment unit complex
  • Vertically integrated business
  • Investor relations
  • Houston’s marketability
  • Ola’s Instagram and his 50,000 followers



  • “When success comes knocking, it’s never going to be in a golden box with a red ribbon around it.”
  • “In the process of being uncomfortable is where success lies.”
  • “The business of real estate is not always easy. It’s a lot of hard work, actually. But it’s more fulfilling.”
  • “The most important thing as entrepreneurs and investors is, we have to try to be mindful of our impact on the world.”
  • “Let us be more mindful, be more honest about how things work, how life is as opposed to showing them flashy Ferraris and showing them how easy and quickly it is. This is not social media. This is real life.”