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Invictus Capital Ventures and the Minneapolis Market

Anthony Vicino

What would it take to build skyscrapers? One thought. One question. That’s all it took for Anthony Vicino to jumpstart his journey to multifamily syndications. Not knowing anything about it, Anthony spent a great deal of time learning through podcasts, books, and networking events. Through these, he opened himself up to opportunities and partnerships that would skyrocket him to success. In this episode, he shares how he met his partner and how they formed Invictus Capital Ventures. Learn why Minneapolis is a fantastic market to invest on despite the problems going on there at the present time. Discover his first deal and how it fared in the market. Was it successful? What did he do when things didn’t work the way he expected them to?

Important Points in This Episode

  • Anthony Vicino’s first milestones in real estate investments
  • Methods of education he took before he entered the real estate industry
  • How he met his partner, Dan Kreuger, and maintained a professional relationship with him
  • Qualities Anthony looks for in a business partner
  • Anthony and Dan’s first deal
  • Impact of Covid-19 in that deal
  • The best thing about real estate
  • Market sustainability of Minneapolis in terms of economic diversity, education, quality of life, and competition
  • Multifamily Investing Made Simple podcast by Anthony and Dan
  • Importance of trust and transparency in partnerships and syndications



  • There’s a lot of benefits of putting yourself out there in the world and just adding value with no expectation of return and trusting in the universe’s karma to try and bring it around.
  • They say opposites attract but I don’t think that’s a good way to form a partnership. The key to a really good partnership is very clear accountabilities and responsibilities.