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Multifamily Markets and Recovery in 2020

State of the Economy and Recovery in 2020

Sometimes these uncertain times surprise us. However, if we can learn from the experts, we will be prepared to move forward and invest in the future!

Let us know your insights into the current multifamily market in the comments!

Edward H. Gray and I had the privilege of hosting a roundtable discussion with executives from four corners of the United States. The panelists run their businesses in Minneapolis, Dallas-Forth Worth, New York, and Los Angeles.

Their in-depth insights into the markets in their areas will help you understand investing perspectives.

The panelists include:

  • Morgan Turnbow MAI, Executive Managing Director from Colliers International
  • Tad Marinac, Prinicipal at GTRE
  • Mary Ann Barnett, MAI, Senior Managing Director at BBG Inc.
  • Trent Pollard, President at TLP Realty Advisors