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Paul Moore

Paul started by working with international students and flipping houses. After flipping dozens of houses Paul learned about multifamily syndication and the power of commercial property investment. Paul will walk us through a number of examples of adding value to commercial properties using the value formula. Adding extra services and removing inefficiencies will allow us to boost the income and provide returns for our investors. How much is adding a Uhaul contract to your self storage facility? What are the returns on converting a K-mart building to self storage? Paul also mentions a number of tax saving strategies that can be used in commercial properties.

Points in this Episode

  • Fragmented ownership basis
  • Net Operating Income is a formula that lets you improve a property and create a new property value
  • How adding services to your commercial property will improve the value of the property
  • Tax strategies for saving
  • How to vet a new commercial property operator


About the Paul Moore

After graduating with an engineering degree and then an MBA from Ohio State, Paul started on the management development track at Ford Motor Company in Detroit. After five years, he departed to start a staffing company with a partner. They sold it to a publicly traded firm for $2.9

Million five years later. Along the way, Paul was Finalist for Ernst & Young's Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year two years straight.

Paul later entered The real estate sector, where he completed 85 real estate investments and Exits, appeared on an HGTV Special, rehabbed and managed dozens of rental properties, developed a waterfront subdivision, and started two successful online real estate marketing firms.Three successful developments, including assisting with development of a Hyatt hotel and a multifamily housing project, led him into the multifamily investment arena.

Paul co-hosts a wealth-building podcast called How to Lose Money and is a contributor to Fox Business and BiggerPockets, producing live video and blog content on a weekly basis. Paul is the author of The Perfect Investment-Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing (2016) and has a forthcoming book on self-storage investing.

Paul is also the Managing Director of two commercial real estate funds at Wellings Capital.