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Raising Capital at Nighthawk Equity

Bronson Hill

Bronson Hill started with investing in single family homes and had the revelation that he could invest in larger properties by partnering with investors. He could use OPM (other people’s money). Now Bronson Hill works with Michael Blank and has raised capital for multiple multifamily deals. Bronson tells the story of his first property that he invested in Texas and how his mentor continually challenged him to grow as an investor.

Points in this Episode

  • Realized the value of OPM and began raising money for real estate deals
  • Now he’s raising money on Michael Blank’s team
  • Start a podcast, a meetup something that allows you to become a thought leader
  • Benefits of a conservatively underwritten deal. That is a deal that is caution about the assumptions and builds in room into the budget for the unexpected.
  • A real estate team needs to divide the roles and responsibilities to be able to operate most effectively.
  • What are some of the technologies that Nighthawk Equity uses
  • Which markets does Nighthawk Equity invest in


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