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Mortgage Lending for Your Next Multifamily Deal

Angelo Christian

Finding the right lender is key to making your multifamily deal provide a great investor return. Angelo Christian speaks to us about multiple types of mortgage loans in a lending business that he’s built which operates on multiple types of real estate projects. Learn about ground up construction loans, value add deals and loans in the mobile home park market. Learn the criteria that Angelo uses to evaluate a lending opportunity. As well as how the mortgage lending market has responded to the current Covid19 crisis.

Important points in this episode:

  • How did Angelo start his business in mortgage financing and what does he think of the current lending environment?
  • Numbers used to evaluate a value-add lending opportunity
  • How are Fannie and Freddie changing their lending requirements in response to Covid19
  • What's new in FHA loans?
  • Angelo talk about how ground up developments are booming in the current economic environment.
  • How are bridge lenders responding to the current economic environment?