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Central Florida Corridor

Ismael Reyes

Ismael “Rey” Reyes is a real estate investor from Orlando, Florida. From a childhood love of the game Monopoly, to investing in single family homes and apartments while on active duty, to actively partnering in apartment deals, Rey has developed a great appreciation for the financial freedom investing in real estate can provide.

Now retired from the military, Rey has a heart for sharing what he’s learned with veterans and those on active duty so they can set themselves up for the future. He recognizes that a lot of institutions of higher learning “don’t teach individuals about finances, [...] they teach you how to basically have a job. They don’t teach you how to fish for yourself, they just give you fish.”

Listen for:

  • Why Rey likes the Southeast and the Central Corridor, especially since the USMCA.
  • Why Rey chooses partnership over competition.
  • Where to meet partners.
  • How a syndication deal gets split up between investors.
  • How tech hubs affect the market.
  • Lessons learned about septic tanks and due diligence.

Mentioned on this Episode


“Unless you’re an institutional investor, you’re not going to be able to buy that property yourself. You’re going to need a team to do a plethora of things for you to be able to take that deal down, get it under contract, do everything that needs to be done, and then deliver the results that you want.”

“Sometimes you walk into a larger team and become part of that team, and all the folks that you would have had to find on your own are now already there, and so [...] it allows you to jumpstart your [...] networking.”