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Living Free and Investing in Oregon

Gabriel Hamel

In today’s episode we meet Gabriel Hamel, a real estate investor from Eugene, Oregon. Gabriel shares his insights from nearly 15 years of experience buying and holding single family homes, duplexes, apartments, and mobile home parks. After the housing market shifted in 2008, he discovered seller financing and has steadily built his business through relationships in and around his home town. Gabriel gives us some great insight into what it means to adapt to the real estate market and the advantages to investing in your own backyard.

Import Points in this Episode

  • How you can start investing in real estate without a big down payment.
  • Why a seller may prefer seller financing and how to approach him or her.
  • How much cash flow do you need to quit your job and do real estate full time?
  • Why Gabriel likes properties that have been poorly managed, under rented, and have deferred maintenance.
  • When does that bad part of town become the good part of town for real estate investors?
  • When does it make sense to partner with someone?

Mentioned on today’s episode: