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Syndicating Parking Lots

Sam Wilson

In today’s episode Sam Wilson tells us about a little known investment opportunity: parking lots. Looking for a way to scale his real estate investments, and tired of the stiff competition and headaches that came with owning and managing single family properties, Sam turned to a business that provides a steady stream of cash flow with very low risk. Over the past five years Sam and his business partner have transacted almost $300,000,000 in parking. Learn some of what it takes to find, acquire, and operate parking lots and whether this is an asset you might consider including in your own portfolio.

Listen for:

  • No more tenants and toilets: how Sam switched from single family to parking lots.
  • How to offset your risk with a guaranteed lease rather than a management agreement.
  • What are demand generators in parking?
  • Who you want as your operators.
  • What difficulties or competition you can expect when looking for a new asset.
  • Where you should look for quality properties and how to find them.
  • Ways to improve income on a parking lot.
  • What kind of investor is best suited to this type of asset.

Mentioned on today’s episode: