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Father Daugther Multifamily Duo

Tracy and Keeley Hubbard

In today’s episode we hear from Tracy and Keeley Hubbard, a father-daughter team working in apartment syndication. Three years ago Tracy decided to move his investments from the stock market to harder assets. Keeley left her job as vice president of sales to join her father and together they operate the Hubbard Capital Group. Our two guests share some of the mistakes they made along the way and what it took to close their first big deal. Firm believers that “there’s somebody out there that knows more than you do,” they speak candidly of their search for the right mentor. You’ll learn what Tracy means by “you have to buy it right,” and hear some of Keeley’s expert advice on how to talk with your investors. She has a passion for “helping people realize that the more active they get in their investments, the more they understand about their own personal investment goals and their investment options, the more confident they’re going to feel and the better they’re going to sleep at night knowing that they don’t have to just stick their money into mutual funds and ride this rollercoaster.”

Listen for:

  • What prompted Tracy to move from liquid to hard assets.
  • What steps they take to make their real estate portfolio more recession resistant.
  • Who do you learn from, trust, work with?
  • What you should look for in a tertiary market.
  • Why their investors are willing to wait for a deal.
  • The “NOs” you should get on the table when talking to potential investors.
  • How they’re adding value to their property.
  • How depreciation helps your tax bill.
  • Keeley’s tip to investors.

Mentioned on today’s episode: