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Building Your Team

Rodney Thompson

In today’s episode, Rodney Thompson shares insights from his entry into the multifamily syndication business. A husband of 35 years, father of six, and cooking enthusiast, Rodney tells us the steps he took to fast track his goals to become an active investor in the multifamily sector. In Rodney’s own words, “anything that’s rewarding requires work,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t love what you do and excel at it!

Listen for:

  • Two keys to success in the multifamily business.
  • How to get work done before going in to work.
  • Why the hot markets may not be your markets.
  • How to use relationships to grow your business.
  • Why adding value to a property is great for the owner and the tenants.
  • How apartments are like shoes.

Mentioned on today’s episode: