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Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy is the Founder and CEO of Tactical Asset Management, LLC, a leading provider of asset management and technology services for multifamily operators nationwide. Mr. Duffy is also an active multifamily operator with a portfolio encompassing over 900 units and market value of $50M (July 2019). Prior to becoming a full-time multifamily investor, Mr. Duffy held structured finance and capital markets roles at Opus Bank, 5 Arches, LLC and HMC Assets, LLC. Mr. Duffy is a 2013 graduate of Harvard University.

"As an operator myself, I am deeply aware of the asset management challenges that multifamily entrepreneurs face as they work to grow their investment business. Tactical was founded to help operators focus on the areas of the business they enjoy the most, while ensuring that the critical components of asset management are not neglected. As proven asset managers across numerous syndications, my team and I have the experience and knowledge to fully implement your business plan and optimize the performance of your existing and future assets. It is my hope that you will come to rely on us as your asset management partner as you scale your investment business to new heights." - Patrick Duffy

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